Radish (Raphanus Sativus)


Radish is a core crop for the Canterbury plains; European types as well as Asian types.

The cool nights assist in producing a reliable seed product, and consequently many growers desire to grow a crop. The dry autumns enable you to harvest crops with high seed quality even late into the autumn.

For reliable cropping, radish should be sown in early September, a time of year when some Asian lines are best sown in trays and transplanted.

We have been involved in hybrid radish production in New Zealand since 1995. During this time we have learnt valuable lessons, and gained skills to now offer a high level of experience for our radish production program.

Stockseed can be produced for you in our net houses and tunnel houses. Ariki Seed are prepared for crops of all sizes, with in-house specialised equipment to handle small-scale, hard to thresh crops.

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