Garden peas (Pisum Sativus)


Garden peas have been a rotation crop for a large number of mixed arable and life stock farms in New Zealand for many generations.

With our Wintersteiger harvester and Gimbria delt 101 cleaning line, Ariki Seed is well-equipped to execute small scale pea multiplications for you. We have multiplied breeder seed and stockseed on a scale from 10 m2 to 1 hectare for many years. We guarantee confidentiality and genetics security for all of our breeders.

Our multiplying varieties service fits in well with our radish and cabbage growers.

Peas are an excellent product to use as a break from grass seed, and prepare the land for the Autumn sown Brassica crops. As we have many subcontractors and growers eager to use this crop in their rotations, we are able to offer very competitive rates for this service.

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