Carrot (Daucus carota)


Carrots are a large volume crop in Canterbury. The regions where carrot seed can be produced in Canterbury are similar in climate to Northern France. The main point of difference is the cooler nights Canterbury experiences compared to those of our Northern Hemisphere counter part.

Our summers, with their lower-than-average day temperatures mean that the nectar in the plants does not flow easily, so pollination is unsatisfactory. However dry autumns contribute to a reasonable seed quality.

The varying temperatures mean a large fluctuation between years for carrot seed production in New Zealand.

Because of this, at this stage Ariki Seed and its partners do not take on large-scale carrot seed production of hybrid or open-pollinated species.

We do readily offer the service of stockseed production.

Stockseed can be produced from stecklings (juvenile plants), mature carrots, or transplants. We can manage this production for you in either central Otago (net houses) or in Canterbury (plastic tunnel houses).

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