Spinach (Chenopodium spinacia)

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Spinach is a crop that Ariki Seed staff have had a long term involvement with. The cool Springs and short day length make it a challending crop to produce. We have been involved with trial production in Canterbury and also in Southland.

Even after many years, spinach is still currently in the trial phase.

Crops yields are often lower than in production areas with longer days, and cooler temperatures. Easy bolting crops bolt too quick, late bolting crops come too late and are affected by the dry Föhn winds in December/January.

Ariki Seed are experts in stockseed production.

We offer this service inclusive of intensive rouging on sex and/or type.

Our crops are produced in both plastic tunnels and out-doors.

We will look to expand this service for our customers when the time is right, as timely planning is a necessity for successful seed production.

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